Abus Nutfix M9

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  • Prévient le vol de vos roues grâce à la technologie par gravité brevetée
  • Installation facile avec clé 15mm
  • La surface anodisée et les écrous en stainless offrent une protection durable contre la rouille


Lock your bike upright and these nuts will hold your wheels in place. Lean your bike on its side and the nuts will unlock. The smart design allows you to change a flat without the need to carry a key to unlock your parts. To prevent the NutFix™ from being opened, the bicycle must always be standing, attached to a fixed object.

  • Prevents wheels theft due to patented gravity technology
  • Easy mounting with a standard 15mm wrench
  • Anodized surface and stainless nuts offers long-lasting protection against corrosion
  • Make sure you select the diameter and thread that matches your wheels